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Bicycle lawyer EhlineMost people think of bike accidents as cases wherein a car hits a rider and that’s all she wrote.  But there are other wrecks on these two wheeled machines, the nexus of which, are from hidden, or unobservable problems with the bike itself.  Ehline Law Firm PC has created this page to explain to a fallen rider the other causes, effects and potential other sources of monetary recovery to those with insurance and other claims they may even be unaware that they actually possess. Our firm has earned multiple Super Lawyer’s Rising Star Prizes, are recognized by both Legal Torch and the Circle of Legal Trust, and are even Peer Rated on  With millions upon millions of dollars recovered for victims of negligence worldwide, Ehline Law Firm PC is available with more information, after you finish reading below. If you wish to call now, contact (213) 596-9642.

  • Manufacturer Errors
  • Most Common Defects
  • The Tragedies Involving Bicycles
  • Recovering Payment for Manufacturing Errors

Manufacturer Errors

There are a myriad of different problems that can occur when an individual is enjoying a bike ride at the beach, or in the big city, and there is a problem that occurs because of bicycles that have been manufactured poorly. It is very unfortunate for many victims, but badly manufactured bikes can cause a many kinds of problems. To list a few of the them, are as follows:

The Most Common Manufacturing Defects Riders Face

  • The chain of the bicycle either breaking of falling off while an individual is riding the bike.
  • A problem in the braking mechanism which can have negative effects on the entire braking system, causing it to be impossible for a person to stop as quickly as they should. In many cases, this is a problem that can cause complete brake failure.
  • Various problems in the wheel placement, which can result in faulty steering and various parts of the wheel mechanism completely falling off of the bike.
  • Problems that can occur with various parts of the seat on the bicycle. Problems such as this can cause the position of the seat to slip while the rider is in motion which can ultimately cause a serious bike crash.

There are also several other types of faulty manufacturing problems that can occur on a bicycle, and those that are manufactured poorly can end up causing a myriad of very serious problems.

The Tragedies Involving Bicycles

There are numerous victims every single year that end up suffering from tragic injuries that include lacerations to the face and body, fractured or broken bones, traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, road rash, eye injuries, and a number of other very serious injuries.

Contingency Fee Recovery?

These experienced bicycle attorneys can suggest medical health care professionals that agree to work on a contingency basis, making it possible for you or your family member to receive the required medical attention and care that is needed. Injuries obtained from a tragic bicycle accident can become very expensive very quickly.

Learn More About Recovery of Financial Payment for Bodily Harm

Ehline Law Firm PC has the dedication and expertise that is needed to go up against large bicycle manufacturing companies, to ensure they pay for the pain and suffering that their negligence per se has caused. It is not at all uncommon for a person’s life savings to become depleted because of the expense involved in bike crash injuries. These bicycle lawyers will ensure that these expenses are recovered and that justice is served.  Call Ehline Law Firm PC now 888.400.9721. (view website.)